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CQRS, Domain Events, Event Sourcing and how to apply DDD

3 Days Course with Greg Young

The course will teach you all about system building and architectures with Domain Driven Design. The largest problem many run into with Domain Driven Design is in getting the abstract concepts implemented in a concrete way. Many of the stereotypical architectures people use actually make it impossible to apply DDD. Greg's course will help you avoid this by teaching you all about Command Query Separation (CQRS), Domain Events, Event Sourcing and how to effectively apply DDD within an organization.

Learning objectives

  • Apply DDD
  • Use CQRS
  • Understand Domain Events
  • Apply Event Sourcing

Venue & Date

Hamburg (Germany) - 09/19 - 09/21/2011

Greg Young in Hamburg / September 2011

Important notice

Sorry - The event is over!